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5 minutes to save a life
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5-year-old Cassy (above) and 21-year-old Eliza (below) are among 14 people who share their stories in our first public education video "Fighting meningococcal disease".

Eliza Stankovic caught the diseae while a student, and lost both her legs. Now she's a Paralympian champion.


Meningococcal meningitis and septicaemia

We help fight this deadly disease by working with Meningococcal Australia (see Support) and all the meningococcal and meningitis foundations in Australia, Canada, the US and the UK, as well as leading medical specialists, to produce written information and educational videos and DVDs for both the public and health professionals.

Our last weapon is the groundbreaking DVD "Managing meningococcal disease", which gives doctors and nurses comprehensive and practical advice on early diagnosis and treatment.

"About three quarters of all deaths from meningococcal disease could have been prevented with earlier diagnosis and treatment."
- Dr Clayton Golledge, Clinical microbiologist and meningococcal disease specialist.

We also have educational videos for parents, teachers and students. For more information.

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Meningococcal disease is one of the most lethal infectious diseases known to man – because of the terrifying sddpeed with which it can kill or maim, and the difficulty of early diagnosis, even by experienced doctors. It can kill in a matter of hours. Most at risk are children up to the age of 5, and teenagers and young adults, aged 15 - 26.

It's vital for parents, teachers and child carers to be able to recognise the symptoms at an early stage. Early detection, and prompt treatment with antibiotics, can mean the difference between life and death.

Public education videos

'Fighting meningococcal disease' (33 min)
* Silver Medal, International Summit Creative Awards 2003, USA.

Aimed at parents, teachers, child carers, students and health professionals, this direct, informative and practical video t
ells you all you need to know to recognise the symptoms and protect yourself and your family against this deadly disease.

"One of the best and most moving educational videos that I've ever seen ... it should be seen by all medical professionals..."
- Dr John Vinen, Director of Emergency Support Services, Royal North Shore Hospital, Sydney.

'The content is excellent'.
- Kathryn Blain, Chair, Meningitis Research Foundation of Canada.

"Don't catch the killer' (23 mins)
Aimed at students in schools, universities and colleges, this video draws on the experience of six young adults who battled the disease and pass on their frank advice to help others recognise the symptoms and seek assistance in time.

"It is well produced, educationally sound and appropriate for students in Department of Education and Training schools. All government schools would benefit from the use of this resource.'
- Paul Albert, Director General, Dept of Education and Training, Western Australia.

"They found it very informative and confronting - it kept two combined classes silent which is no mean feat! As a parent (15yo and 17yo) and teacher, I found it very good.'
- Linda Herbert, Teacher Science-Biology, Years 11-12, SCECGS Redlands, Sydney.



Our comprehensive DVD for health professionals, 'Managing Meningococcal Disease

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